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TFCO Summer Newsletter



The most recent publication on TFCO-A suggests that the intervention is best suited to those children who present with higher levels of anti-social behaviour.  Please click here for more information.  The authors provide a helpful reminder that even when good progress is made within TFCO, many young people and their families/carers are likely to require additional community based support on exit from the programme. 



We know that one of the challenges facing TFCO sites is that of cost.  The NIS has been working closely with UK TFCO sites and the model developers in Oregon, USA to find ways of making the programme more sustainable.  Please click here for more information.   



There are numerous charitable investors who are keen to support initiatives that bring about positive, social outcomes for society.  Evidence based interventions like TFCO lend themselves’ well to this sort of outcomes based contracting given there is a clear focus on measuring change.  Manchester City Council and Action for Children are currently running the only TFCO-A site in the UK that is solely funded by a Social Impact Bond (SIB). 


For more information about TFCO, please contact the Programme Lead – Kate Friedmann.



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